Indian handicrafts are the most loved and appreciated all around the globe. Handicraft items at ISFH Foundation consist of various options you can select from that can be a great home decor item or gifting option. These handicraft items are made using different antique methods that make them stand out.


  • Artisans are the heritage of our nation

    ISFH Foundation promotes fair trade for artisans with the various supply chain models to sell with confidence. Artisans have great glory in the past decades. By helping handicrafts, we can uplift the underprivileged lives and export the products to foreign countries. Be a part of a change to turn the gloom of the poor artisans into illuminating light.

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  • The innovative crafts designed by the artisans

    Encouraging the handicrafts leads to increased quality norms by promoting safety, quality, and environment, and there is no gender inequality in handicrafts. ISFH Foundation helps empower the grassroots craft developers and fosters business development and marketing efforts to stand tall in their respective competitive markets.

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  • Most of the crafts are known as purely decorative or ethnic

    The glory of handicrafts is losing its grace to cater to the growing market needs. Most of the craftspeople belong to underprivileged groups. Currently, artisans need support to increase their market opportunities to grow their business. ISFH Foundation helps artisans start, develop, sell their products at fair prices and improve their living conditions.

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  • Handicrafts have been a part of Indian culture for centuries.

    ISFH encourages artists and artisans to exhibit their talents and grow their business by selling their works with ISFH Foundation’s Help. We assist them in multiple ways, such as supporting financially, seller platform assistance, resources, and equipments. Hence the underprivileged can lead an economically, and socially stable life.

    Your contribution matters a lot in their lives 
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